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Our Services

Our highly professional and Experience Management Team in Doha, Qatar is keen to provide the right and timely resources for the following services to our esteemed clients.

Inspection Service

  We are dedicatedly providing all kinds of technical professionals and management personnel as it requires for both in-house and third party inspection. Our professional team consists the following but not limited:

Managers (QA/QC, HSE, Projects, Design), Project Engineers (All discipline), Construction Engineers (All discipline), Welding Engineers & Inspectors, Painting Coating & Corrosion Control Engineers/inspectors, Inspectors (E & I, Electrical, Civil, etc.), Certification / Turn over Engineers (All discipline), Piping & Line Checking Inspectors, NDT Inspectors, Instrumentation & Control Engineers, Telecommunication Engineers, HVAC Engineers, HSE Inspectors, Safety Engineers/Officers.

Contracting and Maintenance

  We are specialized in construction and maintenance of commercial and residential buildings. Our team of experts successfully served many client projects, by maintaining a customer-based philosophy which emphasizes working as a team member to meet the desired project objectives. Our company is a professional organization dedicated to serving our clients with honesty, integrity and an unparalleled commitment to quality.

Material Sourcing

  At Tobit Trading & contracting WLL, we are specialize in sourcing materials and services from around the globe. We partner with companies across USA, Europe and Asia. With our global presence, we can support all our customer needs for materials and services globally. We provide almost anything and everything from anywhere around the world and deliver at your door step without any compromise in quality. We have highly professional staff to monitor, control and execute all our customer needs. With our expertise and knowledge in all international standards of materials and services, we can assure all our customers a flaw less service.

General Trading

  We keep in stock the following range of material in Doha Qatar

Air Compressor Hose clamp, Air Compressor Hose Pipe, Allen Key, Alum. Ladders, Anchor Bolt, Anchor Plug, Angle Bead, Bar Bender M. Key, Bit. Pro. Board, Black Tap, Bolt Cutter, Brush Brass, Chain, Centre Punch, Chisel Concrete, Combination Plier, Coverall, Craw Bar, Diamond Cutter, Denting Hammer, Drill Bits, Drop in Anchor, Ear Plug, Extension Cable, File Flat, Fischer, Flexel Sheet, Flush Bolts Brass, G.I. Spring, GI Binding, GI Bolt, GI Washer, GI Nut, Grease Gun, Grease Pump, Green Net, Grinder Disk, Hacksaw, Hammers, Hand Gloves, Hand Saw, Hessain Cloth, Hole Saw Cutter, Insulation Form Tap, Insulation Tap, Jublee Clamp, Knife Cutter, Lifting Belt, Magnets, Manual Spray, Mason Trowel. Karandi, Measuring Taps, Metal Clips, Monkey Pliers, Nylon Rope, Pad Lock, Paint Brush, Paint Remover, Paint Roller, Pipe Cutter, Pipe Wrench, Plier Combination, Poly. Rope, Poly Sheet, Pulley, PVC Pipe, Rawl Bolt, Right Angle, Rivert Nail, Rubbing Stone, Safety Materials, Scrapper, Screw Driver, Silicone Gel, Silicone Gun, Spanner Adj., Spanner Comb., Spanner Ring, Spirit Lever, Spray Gun, Steel/Stone Cutter, Tarpauline, Thermacoal, Thinner, Thread Rod, Tie Rod, Tin Cutter, Tool Box, Tower Bolt Brass, Tube Cutter, warning Tape, Water Cooler, Water Filter, Water Hose Pipe, Water Suction Hose, WD Spray, Wedge Anchor, Welding Cable, Welding Rod, Wire Mesh, Wood Nail, Wood Screw, Wrench Adjustable, Wrench Comb., Wrench Slide etc…